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My personal trainer, Calvin, made me realise what is the right approach to losing weight. He designed for me a programme comprising cardio and resistance exercises, which improved my muscle mass and endurance, shaping my figure in the process.

Honestly, it was a little bit difficult at the beginning of the programme as I had to get used to the large amount of the lactic acid and sweats from all the exercising.

Calvin not only help with exercising, but also my diet. With his close follow-up on what I should eat and do, I started to lose weight gradually.

Under Calvin's supervision and guidance, I kept doing exercises and in 4 months, my weight dropped from 130 pounds to 100 pounds, while my waist measurement went from 29 inches to around 23 inches now. Before, I dared not wear shorts in the public, but now I feel totally confident in wearing them. I hope all of you who want to lose weight will also experience the success and happiness I'm enjoying!