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I have always been skeptical towards the so-called witnesses of body slimming programmes until I started my fitness plan 6 months ago with Calvin. It all started with a simple wish that every single woman desires: losing weight.

After three and a half months of cardio and resistance training, I have dropped from 116lbs to 113lbs. Frankly speaking, it is not a very significant figure to me. However, when I find myself being able to fit in the pants and clothes that I bought two years ago, I am shocked with excitement and pride.

To my surprise, I have gained more muscle and have my body FAT MASS reduced by 6.6lbs. These are things that I have overlooked when the term "fitness" comes into my mind. With Calvin's professional advice, I now understand that a proper means to stay fit and healthy is not to have our body weight dropped by cutting meals and taking slimming pills. Instead, we should pick the right food to obtain the nutrition we need; as well as to be persistent in doing cardio exercise if we want our muscle strength, endurance, and metabolism to be enhanced.

I really have to thank Calvin for his encouragement. He is right in reminding me that there is no free lunch and I should strive to achieve my goal of making constant progress in enhancing my well being.