DO's :
- Always pay attention to the food portions
- Drink lots of water except water, all kind of drinks (i.e. juice & wine) count Kcal intake
- Fill with more Fiber so it would increase satiety, slows hunger feelings
- Eat well and eat often with small portion and balance each meal
- Plan your meals and "record what you eat" daily if needed
DON'Ts :
- Obsesses with olive oil - When a recipe calls for oil, no matter which type you have, use it
sparingly. All oils count for the same calorie. For health benefits, use olive oil, safflower oil
and corn oil for shallow frying.
- Eat because food is offered by your friends
- FREE on holiday - you are away from work, but your body isn't. Keep your diet on track by
keeping a record on what you have eaten daily as well as exercise.